Ep 7 Dr Michael Burgass, Biodiversify

Camille Goldstone-Henry
Co-founder and CEO

Ep 7 The Nature Positive Network with Dr Michael Burgass, Biodiversify

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Biodiversity Net Gain legislation in the UK, TNFD, biodiversity offsets and biodiversity development from a corporate lens. The latest Nature Positive Network Podcast covers it all with guest Dr Michael Burgass, co-founder of Biodiversify, and host Jada Andersen.

Mike has conducted ecology and conservation research with multiple well-regarded universities including the University of York and the University of Oxford and has a PhD from the Imperial College London looking at the challenges relating to the design and use of environmental indicators in policy and practice. He also worked as an environmental consultant for other organisations before launching his own in Biodiversify. Biodiversify is a UK-based biodiversity consultancy takes a client-focused approach to solving challenges companies face when the words ‘nature’ and ‘biodiversity’ arise.

Interested in learning more about? Visit their website to get in touch: https://biodiversify.com/

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