Our mission is to preserve biodiversity, globally.


Xylo Systems' story begins with co-founders Camille and Jada, passionate biologists and ecologists, who witnessed the impact of human activities on biodiversity while working to protect endangered species. They dreamt of a future where businesses, the very entities often associated with environmental impact, would actively become part of the solution. And so, the seeds of Xylo Systems were sown. With a dedicated team of experts, they set out on a mission to create a groundbreaking biodiversity intelligence platform to demystify biodiversity data and enable companies to make informed decisions for nature-positive practices. Xylo Systems represents more than just a company; it embodies a movement fuelled by passion, science, and the shared responsibility to safeguard our planet.

KPMG Nature Positive Challenge Winners
June 2023
The Australian Green Power Players
February 2023
Startmate Accelerator
Winter 2022
Taronga HATCH Accelerator

Our partners for a greener tomorrow

We’re a team of wildlife scientists, ecologists & mathematicians that have turned  to tech for nature.

Camille Goldstone-Henry

Co-founder & CEO
Camille is an experienced conservation biologist and Kamilaroi woman. After working for years on the front line to save the worlds most endangered species, like the Tasmanian devil and Sumatran tiger, Camille turned to tech to create an even bigger impact for nature.

Jada Andersen

Co-founder & CTO
Jada is an ecologist, mathematician and data scientist. Her research investigating the impacts of plastics on ecosystems fuelled her passion for finding innovative ways to protect biodiversity, lighten our footprint and reconnect with nature.

Elaine Zhao

Data Scientist
Before becoming a data scientist, Elaine was a marine biologist. Elaine is skilled in statistical modelling, machine learning, and data visualisation, and uses these skills to model business biodiversity impact.

Aaron Lewis

Full-stack Engineer
Aaron is a full-stack engineer who aims to drive social and environmental change through technology. Skilled in technical problem-solving, he utilises his diverse skills to develop Xylo's software applications.