Ep 6 Lauren Branson, Calyx.Eco

Camille Goldstone-Henry
Co-founder and CEO

Ep 5 The Nature Positive Network with Lauren Branson, Calyx.Eco

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Conservation, biodiversity, food, greenwashing and supply chains, this episode has it all.

Join host Camille Goldstone-Henry, and guest, Lauren Branson, CEO and Co-founder of Calyx.Eco, as they dive into how Calyx helps businesses in the food industry design eco products and assess their carbon, water and biodiversity footprint along supply chains. Lauren is a conservationist, leader in food system sustainability and passionate about delivering on a new normal - one that measures success on a triple bottom line - people planet and profit.

Lauren's hope for 2030? "If we could see everything built and grown, and an economy that has regeneration deeply embedded into its growth, I'd think we'd be in a beautiful place, and that's my hope for 2030."

Interested in learning more about? Visit their website to get in touch: https://calyx.eco/

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