Powering for biodiversity

From optimising renewable energy projects to identifying nature-positive strategies, Xylo Systems empowers you to transform your energy practices through the lens of biodiversity. With biodiversity risks and opportunities at your fingertips, we help you to navigate the intricacies of environmental impact effortlessly.

Find, design and assess energy projects for biodiversity

Enabling you to make environmentally-conscious decisions from the very beginning. With our platform you can undertake seamless biodiversity site exploration to identify potential energy sites that align with biodiversity conservation goals, enabling you to make environmentally-conscious decisions from the very beginning.

Share biodviersity reports with ease

Effortlessly share comprehensive biodiversity reports with key stakeholders, including investors, local communities, regulatory bodies, project partners in line with reporting framework including the Taskforce for Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD).

Many more features

Data & Mapping

Gain access to our biodiversity datasets and plugin tools to explore your project’s natural interface and learn about the biodiversity detected on your site.


Obtain high-impact analytics, including baseline biodiversity index, that summarise complex biodiversity data for target tracking and facilitate communication of impact.

Intelligent Recommendations

Obtain recommendations specific to your project sites that support biodiversity including revegetation plans, areas to conserve, and wildlife corridor opportunities.


Aggregate data from all of your projects to understand how your company is tracking towards nature-positive goals as a whole.

Trusted by leading property development and energy compannies

" The platform allowed us to forecast the impact we have on nature and biodiversity within our network. The insights generated by the Xylo Systems platform guide our tree planting activities to enhance habitats that support native species and local populations to flourish."
Nicole Jullian Sahr
Sustainability Specialist, Endeavour Energy

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