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Track your biodiversity impact.

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About us

Through technology, we have the power to preserve biodiversity. Xylo Systems is a cloud-based, data and AI platform that supports those conserving and impacting biodiversity to measure and manage impact.

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Our platform

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Track your goals

Use our Nature Positive calculator to track progress towards national and global goals using methodologies verified by industry experts.

Real-time data

Benefit from the Xylo Cloud biodiversity database and have real-time insights and decision making.

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Easy reporting

No more end of year headaches! All of your data & progress in one place, ready to be exported and shared.

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Why Choose Us


Complex, made simple

View species data, remote-sensing data, satellite data, camera trap data & many other types in a one-stop platform


Save time & money

Make informed decisions fast and accurately with interactive analytics that do all the heavy lifting for you


Real conservation insight

Built by a team of wildlife conservationists, data scientists and mathematicians so you know you're in good hands

Measure biodiversity and manage environmental projects using Xylo Systems to protect endangered species.

From Our Customers

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With the technology developed at Xylo Systems, we will be able to effectively scale our network sanctuaries and have an even greater ecological impact.”

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