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Image by David Clode

Managing Predator-Proof  Sanctuaries

Victoria, Australia


Invasive species, including foxes and cats, threaten biodiversity and predator-proof sanctuaries have proven to be an effective tool in increasing biodiversity. Establishing a network of predator-proof sanctuaries encourages genetic diversity and threatened species population resilience. However, this process is complex and requires large scale operational oversight, species management, impact tracking and reporting.


Using pre-existing datasets, including monitoring and reporting data, Xylo Systems can automate report writing required for grants and offsets. We built dashboards which can safely store and generate engaging reports that show conservation impact over time. Non-digital records (field notes on paper) were digitised using machine learning algorithms and all legacy data was used to establish a data baseline which could inform conservation goals on both a sanctuary and network level.

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By automating data collation and reporting, the organisation was able to significantly reduce time and money and scale their network to over 30 predator proof sanctuaries with their existing operations team. Time spent on day-to-day management of the clients sanctuaries was significantly reduced by our project management system and ensured that focus was on the key task at hand: preserving biodiversity.

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