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Managing Conservation Remotely

Norfolk Island, Australia


When it comes to managing wildlife conservation projects in remote places, manual monitoring can be labour intensive and expensive. A conservation team wanted to find a better way to monitor a critically endangered species in a remote, hard to access location to inform the recovery plan.


Xylo Systems identified the need for remote sensing technologies, including data loggers and infrared cameras, to be deployed to a remote island in the Pacific to collect data on the species, its environment and its threats in real time. We analysed the data to understand ideal environmental conditions and inform the captive breeding of the species. This data was built into a dashboard to monitor the island environment and track the recovery program.


Using remote sensing and analytics, we simultaneously tracked multiple locations to get a full, real time picture of this elusive species environment in a few months instead of 2 years. Our client could make informed conservation decisions quickly and confidently, saving thousands of dollars in travel, accommodation and field costs.

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